Colorado BMTF Helps Pregnant Mothers Quit Smoking

The Colorado BABY & ME — Tobacco Free Program™, a smoking cessation program created for pregnant women and new moms, is offering incentives for new moms and their partners who stay away from tobacco after they deliver.

BABY & ME will offer diaper vouchers to support partners who quit smoking during the first year after delivery. Support partners must:

  • Be a daily smoker at least three months before their partner / family member became pregnant
  • Live with their pregnant woman when they enroll and for a year after delivery
  • Attend four prenatal sessions with the pregnant partner / family member
  • Agree to a CO breath test each month for up to 12 months after baby is born
  • Quit smoking and test tobacco-free by the first breath test after delivery

BABY & ME  participants can earn 14 diaper vouchers – two during prenatal visits and as many as 12 after delivery. BABY & ME participants also can earn $15 gas cards at select locations.

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