“When I look at my son, I know I don’t want him to see me smoking. I want to be a good example.”



“I have learned to look ahead to the future and really think about my family. I know that being smoke free offers me the opportunity to live a longer life and spend more time with my children.”

– Abigail, St. Joseph, Indiana




“[The diaper vouchers] keep me motivated to continue being tobacco free. Diapers are expensive and this helps so much.”

– Sherrie, Indiana

Samantha + Kristina

“We have been a smoking family for years.  Everyone in our family smokes.  This program has been helpful to have a support person because now our household is smoke free.  Neither of our babies will be around secondhand smoke at home, which is a huge step and a huge relief. The tips for quitting and the incentives made this program legit to us”

– Samantha and Kristina